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’žI)    E\er> indi\:diiar»                                    be attended to

any officer or leader or  straBger comes  to the

tillage, lie has to receive him properly,  extend hospitality,

e ^;th him i;nti! he         away.

3)    If anyone from               village, the chief should

the           for the visit        do the needful.

4)    If tribesmen of another village conr.e to this village, they

should first  meet the  chief  and   explain to him  their

5)     An individual        propcses to get married must inform

the chief first,  naming the person whom be intends to

marry, lie is residing, and related details.

6)    If a girl of another villaje comes to this village to live as

the wife of one of the Gadabas, the chief of the girl's

village has to inform the local chief that their girl is left

ia this village under his care, and that he would be held

respOESible if arty harm comes to her.   The chief has to

take care of her.

7)    If a girl goes to live with a man of another village, the

girl's father has to intimate this fact to the chief.   After

hearing this, the chief imposes Kulam Tappu.   The girPs

father should pay it in the prescribed time.

8)    Similarly, if a youth has brought a girl from another

village to live with him ia this village, he should intimate

this fact to the chief.   After hearing his detailed report,

the Chief imposes Kulam Tappu,   The young maa should

pay the penalty within the prescribed timq.